1. How do we care for our candles?

    -Remove packaging and place your candle on an even & heat resistant surface.

    -Before each burn ensure to trim the wick ¼” at all times to allow for a clean & controlled burn.

    -To get the boldest scent, allow the candle to develop a full melt pool across the top of the candle.

    -Always allow the candle to cool completely before handling.
    -Do not burn the candle for more than three hours at a time.

    -When the candle reaches ¼” from the bottom, place the candle in the freezer for one hour then remove the wax in order to reuse the tin/jar.

    -In efforts to minimize waste, please return the empty candle tins/jars & receive 10% off the next time you shop!

  2. How long do you need to place orders?

    For custom orders for party favours and custom scents we require minimum two weeks notice.

    For regular orders that are coming straight from our inventory we need minimum 3 days notice.

  3. What ingredients are in your candles?

    Soy blend wax

    Fragrance oils

    Essential oils

    Cotton wicks

  4. Do you do custom work?

    Yes, we do custom work for party favours but not only that we have a list of fragrances you can choose from to create your own scent! 

    Contact us to find out more.

  5. Can I pick up a candle from West Coast Candle Company studio?

    Yes, we’d love to have you pick up from our studio which is in Surrey, BC.

  6. How long do the candles burn?

    Our tin and ceramic jars both have a burn time between 50-70 hours.

  7. How fragrant are the candles?

    Our candles are very fragrant. From the start, we have made sure to do everything we can to get our candles to give off an amazing aroma. Remember to always let the candle create a melted pool of wax to get all the notes!

  8. Can we get samples first?

    At the moment we are not offering sample products.

  9. Do you do wholesale?
Yes, contact us at westcoastcandlecompany0@gmail.com for pricing and more information.